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Newspaper Articles on Saudi Arabia

For further reading, feel free to browse through some articles on the Canada / Saudi Arabia visa situation. Do let me know any others you may come across that would be useful for other readers!

(1) "Kingdom Tightens Entry Procedures for Canadians," The Saudi Gazette, Tuesday November 22, 2011. 

 Contrast the above with this, from a year ago. 
(2) "Saudis Get Better Visa Deal," The Toronto Sun, Sunday July 18, 2010.

(3) "UAE Revokes Visa Waiver Privilege for Canadian Citizens," MoveOne, November 11, 2010. http://www.moveoneinc.com/blog/immigration/enuae-revokes-visa-waiver-privilege-canadian-citizens/

(4) Statement on Visa Wait Times from the Saudi Arabian Embassy, Ottawa Canada

(5) "Average Processing Times" (for Saudi Arabian Citizens wishing to enter Canada) - Visas and Immigration 
*Compare Canada's wait time for processing Saudi student visas to KSA's wait time for Canadians awaiting Saudi visas.

(6) This will be useful to any Canadian planning on applying for a Saudi visa:
"Visa Process for Saudi Arabia - Citizens of Canada," Helen Ziegler and Associates. Accessed 28 November 2011.

(7) I thought this would help the visa situation for Canadians, but as of yet, nothing has happened in reaction to Canadian Ambassador David Chatterson's apology. Here's the article info:
"Canadian embassy apologizes for visa delays," Arab News, October 9, 2011. 

(8) Oh, and for some **breaking news**: 
Shane, Kristen. "Saudi Arabia Slows Canadian Visa Processing." Embassy Mag. November 30, 2011. 

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