Thursday, 20 October 2011

Two months later...and a month to go?

A reason to celebrate!
Well, I just logged onto my blog last night and discovered a reader comment on my last entry! As a first time blogger, seeing that first comment was pretty exciting! lol In any case, it also reminded me that it's been an entire MONTH since I last wrote, so an update is long overdue (though, admittedly, there is not too much to update you on!)
I love comments! :)
The visa saga continues...
Although I initially applied for my visa on September 19th, because of the paperwork error (my name written in the wrong order) I knew I would either have to add a new, corrected, document to my application, or restart it. I didn't think I'd have to restart the entire thing; however, when DH went to the passport office at his work, the passport guy CANCELLED my original sponsorship paper in order to issue me a new one. No one thought to call or check with me or my visa consultant (who said we should have just left it all is it was...) So I had to wait AGAIN for the new sponsorship paper. It came on October 1st, and I had my visa consultant reapply (she had ordered my original visa application and passport to be returned to her from Ottawa). So, my 30 to 45 days wait are now from October 3rd. 
The long-awaited visa authorization slip! (not mine, but  a sample...)
I just called my consultant yesterday to see if people who applied through her at the start of September had waited closer to 30 or 45 days for their visas (since September 1st was when the long wait time was implemented). Alas, applicants from the start of September began to receive their visas this week...which means I am now counting on having mine a month from now, around November 18th. I was realllyyyy hoping I'd have it in two weeks so that DH and I could spend Eid al Adha together in Jeddah, but I guess we'll have to have a belated celebration together. Maybe I will fly in on our 4 month wedding anniversary, November 22nd. Saturday is our 3 month celebration day, and it will be almost 2 months since he left :(
Happy (early!) Eid al Adha!
Life on the home front...
It seems that I'm being called to write something about life while I wait. My sister's cell phone is ringing / playing music (which I assume means ringing?) and she's apparently forgotten it here while she's at school. Poor thing! She must be going crazy in history class without the ability to bbm and text her bffs haha :p (If you're reading this, it's all jks, sis ;) )
Tutor extraordinaire!

I've been passing the time tutoring my sister in English and History (my majors, which she is studying this semester in grade 10). We just finished World War I, and "life on the home front." That topic struck home for me! I've also picked up two other tutoring jobs with some tutoring companies in town. I'm not getting many hours, and to try to reconcile my situation as being "productive" rather than "laziness" on my part, I decided that these two months of waiting are my belated "summer holidays" that I never had. With finishing my master's degree, wedding planning, starting my medical tests and visa application for Saudi Arabia, I experienced more stress and craziness than I can remember enduring before... So now's my change to take it a bit easier. 

The problem, however, is twofold: (1) I do not, for the LIFE of me, know how to relax!!! Especially after the past academic year and all of its insanity (good insanity for the most part, which pushes me to keep the possibility of a PhD on the back burner!) it is impossible to suddenly STOP! Yet, apparently that's what I'm supposed to do lol (2) The other issue is the oh so necessary MONEY thing... I've spent probably close to $1 000 on things connected to moving to Saudi, visa application, medical tests, document notarization, etc, etc and DH and I decided to rent a new apartment in Jeddah closer to where he works (and I might work). Over there, it's pretty standard to have to pay 6 months of rent upfront at signing time. Our new place is gorgeous and located centrally; however, his university doesn't pay our housing allowance until December. Now both our pockets are completely empty until we're reimbursed. 

Plus, we bought an SUV for safety when I'm there. He'd been driving a Civic for the past two years, but there wasn't an air bag on the passenger's side (of course, since women can't drive in Saudi I won't be driving, so that would be my permanent seat lol). After the flooding this past January (see photos here:; video: and DH's near drowning / being stranded in filthy flood water on Jeddah streets because his little car couldn't handle the RIVER or rushing water, we decided to buy something safer. I can just picture me in a flood, trying to swim upstream IN AN ABAYA in streets without sewers... NOT cool! I'm thankful we have a larger vehicle now. Then we won't be stuck like this smaller car (below) in the event of another flood.
Small car in Jeddah flood
Anyways, there's my long-winded explanation for our ongoing expenses in Jeddah. Now that I'm two or three months behind schedule with commencing work, these things that would have been easily affordable are killing us! So...I really can't "enjoy" my downtime knowing that I should be doing something to contribute to our family expenses. 

Oh, Saudi...
DH is so apologetic about me being left behind, but neither of us can do anything and it's obviously not his fault. I just remember our last embrace at Toronto Pearson Airport...and seeing him whiz off in the subway to the next terminal, promising "see you in two weeks!" and how I said "yes!" but was already a bit doubtful that it would be that soon... Anyways, it is what it is, and I know the wait is more than half over. I'm two thirds there: September, October are past. I just need to wait out a couple weeks of November. 

Canadian fall
For now, I'll watch the Canadian summer fade into fall, watch the leaves fall to the ground, sit by the fireplace in the living room, watch evening TV (hmm...maybe I should get into soap operas and daytime tv, too?), tutor here and there, and try to remain gracefully patient before my adventure begins!
The colours of a beautiful Canadian fall...
PS Shout out to all my international readers / viewers!! I love seeing the "feedjit Live Traffic Feed" and seeing where you're all coming from :) I'd love to hear your thoughts, too!


  1. Okie Dokie, so you like comments eh...well here you go Julie!!!

    WOW what an adventure. I am sure you and DH will be runited sooner than later. I am a seasoned visa waiter myself. Although I am happy to say my residency came in in August :o) Very exciting. I am sure your visa will find it's way to you soon so that you can stop the "holding pattern" you are in and get you to Saudi and into DH's arms :o)

    Much love from Down Under,

  2. Aww, thanks so much for your comment & kind words, Sheila! Sounds like you must be on quite the adventure yourself! Hope you enjoy the blog :)

  3. If you're looking to kill time while you wait there's always D&P workshops...nothing passes the time like a session on ecological justice!

    Happy 3 monthiversary. (I believe the are called monthiversaries as 'anni' implies the duration of a year :)

  4. Monthiversary--I like it! Thanks for your wishes, Luke :) I'll look into workshops in Durham & let you know if I'm able to attend!

  5. Patience is a virtue..maybe this is a good time to learn to relax and practice some yoga or something. Or get caught up on good reading rather than stuff you are forced to read for school. I guess you will be gone for christmas then? Not necessarily a bad thing at all :)