Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas (er, I mean, happy ordinary Sunday)!

Well, today is December 25th, and, sure enough, I made it to this country in time for Christmas…or, rather, I made it here for another typical day in Saudi Arabia. In any case, I’m stopping by for a brief moment to wish you all a safe and wonderfully blessed Christmas! Here in Jeddah, there is no holiday and the religious police have apparently been around making sure no one is publicly celebrating a Christian holiday in this 100% Islamic state!

Despite the policing, I subtly met up for Christmas Eve desserts (I mean, a typical evening out) last evening with someone I consider a good friend. Now that I’ve been here in Jeddah for a week, I finally got to meet DH’s former boss, a lovely American woman married to a Saudi who lives here in Jeddah! To her, thanks so much for the lovely evening out—my first excursion with a Jeddawi friend! We had scrumptious chocolate desserts and sat in the “family” section of the restaurant (where single women, children and families are to sit because of segregation; single men have their own section). It was a relaxing and nice atmosphere to enjoy Christmas Eve.
!Dessert Menu...yummy
Today, DH, of course, had to work (weekends here are Thursday / Friday) and when he finally got home, he had news: the car wouldn’t start when he was about to drive home! We had a quick dinner before he headed back out to figure out how to get a mechanic to the vehicle.

In the meantime, I am putting finishing touches on Christmas / belated Eid dinner! In our own home we’re allowed to celebrate, just as long as we’re discreet about it and not putting trees and lights up in the hallway of our apartment haha I feel like a “real” wife finally, cooking chicken (turkey is outrageously expensive here), stuffing, potatoes, roasting vegetables, and baking cookies for a lovely dinner. We’re looking forward to sitting down to enjoy it at out new kitchen table and chairs! More on our home decorating endeavors soon J
!Our Christmas / belated Eid dinner
!For now, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night 


  1. Had a really nice time on Christmas Eve! Honored to have mentioned in your blog :)

  2. I really enjoyed myself, too, Stacey! Thanks for being the first to take me out in Jeddah! :)