Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Traditional Cathedral Wedding in London Ontario - Real Wedding Pictures

Hello, my lovely readers!

Okay, so first of all, my apologies for being away from the blog for what seems like forever... But with the wedding on July 22nd, things were more than a little hectic!!! That said, I now present a special sneak peak into some of our favourite photos from the big day! I've made a "Real Wedding" profile on to give other brides inspiration, ideas and to share in the wedding joy! It was a fabulous day (though a tad hot; ask any of our guests!) and we were surrounded by our family and friends.

Click on the link below  for our "Real Wedding" sneak peak!
Traditional Cathedral Wedding, London Ontario

I promise I'll return soon to the blog with updates on my upcoming journey to the Kingdom. Things are shaping up and Inshallah I will be off on September 1st with my husband (& our cat)! For now, I'm off to join him for Iftar dinner (it's Ramadan and he's been fasting all day; I'm not Muslim and haven't been fasting, but I do try to cook for him and join him when he breaks his fast).
Be back soon! xo

PS Two shout outs: First, to Lindsay, my very FIRST official follower!!! And second, to Stacey, who first got me seriously considering going to Saudi Arabia. Can't wait to meet you over there soon!

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