Thursday, 1 September 2011

Off to the airport...but not in the air

Airport Sorrows
Tonight I drove my husband to the airport. My visa is not ready because his employer's passport office has been closed over Ramadan. It reopens on September 4th. All this means is that I had to drive him to the airport...and then come back home again alone. And "home" is now back with my parents *sigh* while I wait a couple weeks (hopefully not much longer than that :s) for my paperwork. Then I'll be off to Jeddah...finally!!! For now, I'm without a cell phone (another sigh!) or a car.
On the road again...but not quite yet
It's weird being married and living with my parents again! Eek! Things seem more than a bit backwards and I'm anxious to get going, move to KSA, and start working. (Teaching was probably my favourite part of my master's degree--I was a teaching assistant for an undergrad English course and had the BEST students!). Anyways, all these things (moving, working...) will happen quickly, inshallah, but that's not the Saudi way. The "Saudi way" is slow, slower, and completely stagnant. Visas--until September 1st of this year--have been processed within 5 business days through the embassy in Ottawa, but my visa adviser said they're now warning that visas can take 30 to 45 days to come through. WHAT?!!!? So, needless to say, I'm getting agitated. My husband says the visa office usually exaggerates; after all, Oreo's paperwork was ready in 3 days...and we were told at least 9. So we'll see! Ironic how my cat is ready to go but I'm not.

Long distance love
So, the airport today was bittersweet. My husband will have things ready for me when I arrive and that will be nice...but for now we're apart. Again. After 2 years of being in a long distance relationship. Being together again will be all the sweeter when I make it to Jeddah though, right?   
**Feedback alert**
I will leave you all with a question with which I need HELP!! Any advice on packing within baggage limits?? I have WAY too many clothes and shoes...but don't want to encounter an excess baggage fee my husband just told me he got pegged with. Eek!!!
Packing predicament!

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